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I am full of tears and anxiety. I am worn out but my heart is still pounding like I am running a marathon. The new resident in our learning disability unit has screamed shouted and sworn at me and everyone else for the past two weeks.. My face and ear has been badly affected.The last… Continue reading Heartache.

Wildlife garden

Teased by a Teasel

My Teasel plant is nearly fully grown. I am waiting impatiently as usual. I love them so much. The seed heads on these are big and spiky once fully mature and can be used as decorations around the house. Oh my goodness stop being a tease hurry up and grow! The tiny Woodland strawberries are… Continue reading Teased by a Teasel


Simple things please simple minds.

For several years I underwent some very intense psychotherapy. I had some major issues from my childhood. I met my therapist for the first time at an eating disorder clinic. Shai Dolinksky was a very solemn looking bespectacled middle aged Jewish man. He wore a very stiffly starched collar and tie and his attitude seemed… Continue reading Simple things please simple minds.